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Just LOOK At What These Dwarf Hamster Owners Say
About My FREE Dwarf Hamster Secrets newsletter:

"Thank you so much for your informed, humerous emails to help us learn about caring for our new dwarf hamster, Rosie. Our daughter has been begging for one ever since her BFF had one, but we weren't ready for such a commitment. When we finally decided Brayden was ready, we weren't sure where to start. Your emails were God sent! You walked us through each step and now we are the proud owners of adorable little Rosie. Brayden is learning how to properly care for and love her thanks to your emails. I have been so impressed with the bonding between those two! THANK YOU for your brilliant emails!!"
Brayden and dwarf hamster Rosie
Brayden and Rosie

~ Jennifer Levanduski, Downers Grove, IL

"Your emails have helped me SO much in raising my dwarf hamster! all of the emails sent by you are now in a folder i like to call hamster tips so i can look over them. I think the most helpful email you have sent me is the one about where to put the cage, so now i know that hamsters(dwarf) are nocturnal and should NOT be put in your bedroom(which is what i did the first night!)And now my Dwarf Hamster is growing more and more each day! I think with the help of these emails I have maybe added more time to my hamsters life!"

~ Abiagil, Athlone, Ireland

Tracy"Hello George,  I just wanted to write to you to let you know that I love receiving your tips in my inbox!
I have had normal sized hamsters before but am new to Dwarf hamsters. I actually have two Charcoal and Smokey.  (Right now I only have a pic of Charcoal, Smokey likes to hide :) Coal was actually asleep in the pic! lol)

Through your email tips I learned how to get them used to me, by using the tip of wiping my hands with a tissue and then adding it to their cage.  I did not know that too much fruit was bad for them until I read it in your tips. I also found it very interesting to get to know more about these cute little creatures!

So now thanks to your tips my two dwarfs are happy and healthy little guys, that have gotten used to that big person invading their home. They now gladly come over to me and see if they will get a treat or cuddle. Thanks so much!"

Tracy's Dwarf Hamster Charcoal
~ Tracy Gowan

"Oh my goodness! you have help me soo much! The first day my hamster bit me , but the next three days it wants me to hold him! His name is nibbles and he is a boy. He is very active and loveble. I just want to say thanks for helping me with my hamster! I still advise you to send e-mails about nibbles. Thank You soooooooo much!"

~ Rachel and Nibbles

Steve and his dwarf hamster"I just want to let you know i appreciate and loved all the free hamster tips you have given me over the past couple of weeks.  With the knowledge you gave me i am sure my hamsters will live a longer happier life.  I really liked the tips about how to get them to stop chewing on their cage and just the basic hamster care advice.  Thank you and i appreciate all your advice."

~ Steve Jaworski, Chicago, IL

"It was a pleasure for me to "find" your website and subscribe to your newsletter. I also downloaded your E-book.

The contents of the newsletter both informative and amusing. The size of the newsletter is long enough to give real detail, but short enough to keep us looking out for more (hopefully the next day).
My favourite tip so far is the sand bath. I keep chinchillas, so I know how much they enjoy (and need) their regular dust bath. However, I never knew before now that hamsters also enjoy to dig around in dirt!
So, thanks, George - keep up the good work and thanks for helping me with my new dwarf hamster!"
~ Robbie

Miranda and her dwarf hamster Beebo"When I first got my little dwarf hammy I had no idea how to take care of it properly. I was used to the teddy bear hamsters. While I was trying to google different tips to help me take care of my dwarf hammy I came across  a link that said "Dwarf Hamster care 101" and I clicked on it. I usually don't subscribe to websites but I'm glad I did because this one turned out to be a winner! I would have to say that the "Telling whether or not your dwarf hammy is a boy or girl" E-Mail was most helpful. When I first got my dwarf hammy i was unsure whether or not it was male or female, and I was scared it might be pregnant because the store I bought him from kept the males and females in the same cage!  So when I read that E-Mail i was so relieved to find out that my hammy was a little boy and I named him Beebo. =]"

~ Miranda

Hi there, I wanted to thank you for making this 10 steps guide! It has persuaded me to get a dwarf hamster! A  lot of this information has helped a lot the past week or so. Thanks a lot!

~ Kyra

Annie"I have wanted to breed Dwarf Hamsters for quite some time now, I was searching the internet (including of hundreds of websites) for more information about Dwarf Hamsters. When I found your website I decided to try and give your newsletter a chance and so I subscribed. I could not really find a website with that much helpful information like your newsletter anywhere else on the internet!!! If anyone else needs information about Dwarf Hamsters I really would suggest them to subscribe to your newsletter!!

I really found the "raising and breeding Dwarf Hamsters" part, of the newsletter helpful to me and the section about "getting your dwarf hamster to accept you!!!"  Thank you so much for your newsletter and your time!!!"

Annie's Dwarf Hamster Butternut

~ Annie, Botswana, Africa

Emma and her dwarf hamster Lyndon"Your newsletter has been a great way for me to learn the does and don'ts of dwarf hamster care. I received the newsletters before i got my dwarf hammy Lyndon in order to be the best pet owner I could be. I loved the letter about what I could do to make my hammy a potty so that his cage would stay cleaner for longer. That really helped me out."

~ Emma, Ontario, Canada

"Hi George,

i would like to thank you for your great tips you are e-mailing around. It is nice to receive a newsletter with a very personal touch. I have been reading all your emails since I bought myself 2 young dwarf hammies last weekend.
Your emails are very much appreciated! :)

Regards from Ireland"

~ Nicola, Ireland

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