Dwarf Hamster Food

Dwarf Hamster Food

What does a dwarf hamster eat, anyway?
For the most part, you can feed your new pet a good hamster food seed mixture.  You can find these at just about any pet store.  Given his tiny little body, he only needs to be fed once a day.  And believe it or not, two tablespoons of this mixture a day should suffice nicely. You should feed him in the early evening, just as he’s waking up to start his day.

You should also consider supplementing this little guy’s diet with a regular mixture of fresh greens.  These could be lettuce and/or raw green beans.  Don’t overfeed him though.

And here’s a quick note right at the outset.  Dwarf hamsters are prone to developing diabetes.   So if you must feed your hamster a food that is relatively high in sugar content, do so sparingly.

If you give him fresh greens, give him just enough for him to eat in about 20 minutes.  If there are “greens” left over, then remove them from your hamster’s cage.

You need to be careful about this diet.  If you notice that he’s having more bowel movements than normal after you feed him this food, then go at least two days without feeding him this diet.  Then gradually re-introduce the “greens” diet every other day for the next 10 days.  During this period, be sure to see how his system is handling this.

If at all possible, avoid drastic changes in your pet’s diet. If you must change his food, then introduce it to him a little at a time.  The best method is to mix it slowly with the food he’s currently eating.

Over the next two weeks, you can gradually increase the ratio of new food to his current food.

Are there any foods that I shouldn’t be feeding my hamster?  Well, as a matter of fact, there certainly are!  You can learn more about these potentially fatal foods in my book “The Complete Guide to Dwarf Hamster Care.”

Generally speaking, hamsters are willing to eat just about anything.  So, just because you put a specific type of food in his cage and he gobbles it, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good for him. Hamsters have been known to eat everything from collard greens to lean meat and fish. 

In fact, the only thing restricting what your dwarf hamster eats is what he finds in the food bowl.  So choose carefully.  But, it may be a very good idea to stick close to a commercially mixed food.  These foods are more likely to provide your hamster with the required proteins, minerals, vitamins and other nutrients your pet needs in the proper ratio.

The other foods – the “greens” diet and other “human” food – should only be fed to the dwarf hamster as a supplement to augment his diet and provide him with some variety.

What About Water?

Of course, every animal needs water, but perhaps none so much as your dwarf hamster.  Make sure your hamster has access to a bowl of water every day. If you know you have trouble remembering to change the water every day, you can purchase a small animal water bottle.

These are available at just about every pet store.  They are large enough to hold about a week’s supply of water for a dwarf hamster.  This means you only have to remember to change the water on a weekly basis.

If you do decide to buy one of these, the tip should be metal and not plastic.  If it’s plastic, your hamster will chew and destroy it.  This could be bad on two levels.  First, he’s destroyed a perfectly good water bottle.  You’ll have to go buy another one.

But secondly, by damaging the tip, he’s probably also caused a flood in his cage.

If you decide to use a bowl and not the water bottle, buy a rather sturdy, heavy one.  Your new pet, in his exuberance at playing, may accidentally knock it over sometime during the night.  If this occurs while you’re sleeping, then he won’t have any liquids.

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