How Long Do Dwarf Hamsters Live?

How Long Do Dwarf Hamsters Live?

As a dwarf hamster owner, one of your first questions will be, “How long do dwarf hamsters live for?”  Well, it depends on what kind of dwarf hamster you have.  Overall their life spans are not incredibly long.  These creatures, being the incredibly cute and small animals they are, have fast lifecycles compared to most other animals.  Remember, a mother hamster goes from conception to birth in only about half a month!

The two more common species, the standard Campbell’s and the Siberian dwarf hamsters, both have a life span of about one and a half to two years.  The Roborovski (the smallest of the bunch) has the longest life span of about three to three and a half years and the Chinese dwarf hamster lives to about two to three years.

Dwarf Hamster Life Span
Campbell’s Dwarf Hamster 1.5 - 2 Years
Siberian Dwarf Hamster 1.5 - 2 Years
Roborovski Dwarf Hamster 3 - 3.5 Years
Chinese Dwarf Hamster 2 - 3 Years

Increasing The Dwarf Hamster Life Span
How long do dwarf hamsters live in the wild?  While the dwarf hamster life span in captivity has an upper average of about three years, in the wild, they typically live longer than that (that is, if they’re able to avoid the predators).  The reasons they’re able to live longer in the wild are many.  Part of it is because they only eat healthy foods in the wild.  Everything they find and eat in the wild is perfect for their diet because, well, it’s their natural habitat, nature made them to survive best from these foods.  Another thing that adds to their healthier lifestyle in the wild is that there is unlimited dirt and space for them to dig and run.  This freedom to exercise as much as they want undoubtedly leads to a healthier dwarf hamster.

If you can follow nature’s plan and give your dwarf hamster a healthy lifestyle, you can improve his life span.  These guys have been known to live to up to 4-5 years in captivity.  In order to give your hamster a healthy life, you want to try to mimic Mother Nature.  First of all, you want to feed them only a healthy and nutritious diet.  This is not only good for keeping them healthy, but you will automatically be avoiding the ‘danger foods’.  By feeding them the wrong thing, you will not only get them sick, you will potentially shorten their life.  On the extreme side of things, feeding dwarf hamsters the wrong foods could give them diabetes or even kill them.

Another way you can mimic Mother Nature is by providing your dwarf hamster with many opportunities to exercise.  The more spacious you make their cage the healthier they will be.  Also a hamster wheel is a MUST.  The hamster ball is also important in giving them time outside the cage to run around.  These things all add to their physical exercise and fitness.  Dwarf hamsters have very fast metabolisms, being the tiny animals they are, and therefore need to burn off their energy.  Without exercise and space, not only would your dwarf hamster not be able to stay fit and healthy, but this lack of activity would lead to other problems as well.  Being cooped up in a tiny cage can do a lot to a hamster’s happiness.

These are just two of the aspects of a dwarf hamster life you can keep in check to ensure his health and happiness.  To learn more about the secrets of raising a dwarf hamster and giving him a long, healthy life, sign up for my free mini course below!